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Are you looking for trade show & exhibition stand supply companies?

Hopefully if you have found this article or have been sent the link then you are already looking for trade show or exhibition stand designers to help create your promotional display. We’ll therefore get straight to the point and list our unique selling points and why we are renowned not just in the UK but across Europe and the rest of the world as the “go to” company for stand design and manufacture.

Superior Design & Manufacture

A good display stand needs to be designed to fulfil its marketing needs. When you are at your exhibition or show you will be competing with all the other exhibitors for attention. Understanding what you need to achieve from your stand allows us to design a solution that matches your needs.

Once the design is finalised you then need your stand manufactured and assembled to meet the design spec. It is no good having the best stand possible on paper to then have the finished construction compromised due to poor build quality.

We have years of experience in both the design and manufacturing of your exhibition stand. Everything is done by a single company, working from a single premises. You are cutting out middle men and eliminating issues with either poor design or poor construction. We have been there and done it in our history – in fact we have even literally written the guide book on exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions!

We just love exhibition stands

We love what we do and we want you to love what we do as well – it’s why every single job is important to us. If you don’t aim to improve with every job you do then you will be overtaken by your competitors – it is because of this attitude that we are able to continually push the boundaries and deliver stunning exhibition stands that surpass expectations.

We always get excited when we are presented with a new challenge, be it design based or even technology based. With the increase in electronic innovation, elements can be built to be interactive and immersive experiences – don’t just show and tell visitors about your brand or products, immerse them in the experience itself…

Immersive display stand

Immersive display stand

Modular Exhibition Stands

Most of our stands are constructed to be easy to transport and assemble via modular design and construction. This means we can design and build your stand in advance of your show or event, and then arrive ready to construct it on site, safe in the knowledge there won’t be any unforeseen problems. You don’t want to discover any issues the day before or the morning of your event when it is too late to be able to resolve…

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