Modern Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Our modern exhibition stand design & build service will ensure your event displays purvey the ultra modern image you demand for your marketing!

Modern Exhibition Stands for Your Business Marketing

A very popular request we are seeing already in 2016 is the request for ultra modern, clean looking exhibition display stands. Businesses and companies are approaching us with the design spec to incorporate the latest technology within aesthetically pleasing, yet minimal display stands.

We can design and manufacture in any combination of materials and finish, ensuring the display is fit for what you need it to achieve. We have found that the best option for that super modern look is the use of gloss plastics (especially ultra white) and subtle LED lighting. With advancements in lighting we are able to create some truly stunning effects to really draw attention to your exhibition display stand!

We are able to create really stunning displays as you can see from the below example that was a project we created for the Mobile World Congress exhibition event held in Barcelona where we completed the exhibition stand build for the exhibition stand design company Radar.

dotMobi modern exhibition stand for the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
dotMobi modern exhibition stand for the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

You can see another view of this exhibition stand below, and this really shows how we added cream leather sofas to compliment and complete this ultra modern exhibition stand project:

dotMobi exhibition stand for the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
dotMobi exhibition stand alternative view including leather sofa

What Makes a Modern Exhibition Stand Design?

Using the exhibition stand above as a great example, you can easily see some of the design elements that help create the ultra modern display stand design. The choice of materials are the first thing that stand out. Super gloss white exterior with modern seating – both plastic and contemporary white leather sofa. It is also worth noting the amount of curves contained within the design. Years ago curved designs were very labour intensive and as a result definitely at a premium price that made their selection a case of value added versus value cost. Now we are able to provide outrageous design builds that were barely possible a decade ago!

You can also see the use of modern technology from subtle LED lighting to draw attraction and add interest, to interact TV displays and computers that feature as part of the stand design itself. Some of our other projects go one step further than this particular stand and have interactive technology embedded to customise the experience of each and every stand visitor, allowing them to immerse and engage fully with your brand or product.

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