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Exhibition Stand Seating

What options do I have for Exhibition Stand Seating?

After putting on the kettle we decided to take a short break from the construction of our latest display stand. As we sat down an idea for our latest blog post dawned… let’s look at the world of exhibition display seating – what is available for your display stand or space, examples of seating within our exhibition display builds and to brand or not…

So read on below to discover and see some of the seating options that have complimented or even made the focal point of our recent exhibition stand design productions!

Examples of Exhibition Stand Seating

Exhibition Stand Corporate Colour Coded Seated

Exhibition Stand Corporate Colour Coded Seated

As you can see from the above stand, the seats were colour coded to match the corporate identity of JLL, mirroring the four logo elements in the seating numbers, in matching corporate colour.

It's Liverpool Exhibition Stand Seating Examples

It’s Liverpool Exhibition Stand Seating Examples

The It’s Liverpool Exhibition Stand above is a great example of seating elements working to create the different environments of the exhibition stand design. You can see this display has been split in to three distinct display areas covering a traditional dining area, bar seating and more relaxed lounge experience. The overall result of seating within this exhibition stand is to create a very striking and appealing display stand!

Modern Exhibition Display Seating

Modern Exhibition Display Seating

The Skrill Exhibition Stand above is a great example of a cutting edge company (offering safe and secure online payment solutions) having a visually striking display stand, complimented through the use of simple yet effective bar seating and cutting edge, modern rounded cut away seating around an ultra modern perspex table. The table seating reflects the company logo form and also says “cutting edge”.

BNP Paribas Exhibition Stand Seating

BNP Paribas Exhibition Stand Seating

The BNP Paribas Exhibition Stand above provided a number of different seating elements from a curved, accentuated low level sofa configuration, to stand alone stool seats and modern table and chairs. The seating configuration helped provide a sense of balance and completeness to the overall stand display.

What are the Seating Options Available for my Exhibition Stand?

As the four examples above show, anything is possible for your display seating! The most important thing is to understand what you are trying to achieve through your exhibition stand, if there are any specific seating related requirements and then coming up with a design concept that ticks all these boxes and creates a stunning exhibition display for your business!

Throughout our history of producing the very best display stands, we have developed the ability to provide our clients with exactly what they want. We have an extensive range of suppliers to go to – and we even embark on custom design seating when we can’t source what we need! It is this ability that uniquely places Spectrum Exhibitions at the top of the exhibition stand design business!

Branded Exhibition Stand Seats

We can even incorporate your branding into the seat fabric or construction material if required. Below is a good example of seating branded for the Tellabs exhibition stand display with their logo.

Tellabs Branded Exhibition Seating Example

Tellabs Branded Exhibition Seating Example

With the developing technologies available to stand designers, we are pretty much only limited by imagination these days!

Hopefully the above has provided you with some ideas or inspiration for your exhibition stand seating – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your exhibition stand design and manufacture!

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