Exhibition Stand Design Trends 2015

In exhibition stand design trends in 2015 read about exhibition stand features, such as lighting and material choice, that have defined our 2015 designs.

Exhibition stand design trends, the features that have defined 2015 designs

As 2015 draws to a close we thought it was important to look at some of the elements that have helped to define exhibition stands throughout the year. When we look back to stand design 5 or even 10 years ago it really does amaze you at the visual impact and more importantly the changes to the functional space use that we see.

As an industry we think it is safe to say we are always looking to improve, to go one better than last time. This constant competitive environment leads businesses to look to push the boundaries, to make that stunning impact, to attract attention and business to their stand – to be the talk of the show!

Even if you are going for a classic, proven design for your display, you still want to do it better than it’s been done before. With the aid of technology we are able to work with businesses to go as far as technology and design will allow, to create breathtaking and unique marketing stands for your business or brand.

Below we list some of the areas that have really stood out for us so far this year…


Kinetico Exhibition Stand

Kinetico Exhibition Stand

We think it is fair to say that lighting has been one of the areas that has evolved the most within exhibition stand designs, not just this year, but over the last few years as well. The development of LED technology has led to many possibilities that just didn’t exist with older halogen or tungsten lighting.

LED lighting has made such a difference due to its flexibility – you can have everything from strip lighting to rope lighting. Want a specific colour or even colour changing or multi colour options then LED allows all this. Never again do we need to worry about creating an uncomfortably hot environment through the use of too much lighting – LED lighting doesn’t have the same heat output has previous halogen bulbs did!

Construction Materials

2015 has seen a big increase in companies who want a flexible exhibition display. Gone are the days of one off designs for single shows or events. Now many of our clients are looking for modular and component solutions, where all or part of the display can be utilised at a number of different locations, in a number of different “stage” configurations. This means that the exhibition stand design must take in to account longevity or have a plan for what parts can be reused and what may need replacing between events.

Plastic has formed a large part of many of our recent designs, replacing more traditional timber and metal framework as the means to create large stand out elements of the display itself. As a material plastic is very flexible and it can be formed in to a great deal of shapes and designs, it also looks great when combined with some modern LED lighting. Modern plastics are also sturdy and strong, a reason why they are good to use.

Nuaire Exhibition Display Stand

Nuaire Exhibition Display Stand

With a number of exhibition halls allowing overhead hanging we have also been able to utilise hanging displays, exhibition stand roofing and overhead fabric accenting to create the best possible display stands.

2015 Exhibition Display Stand Trends Summarised

So there we have it, a brief look at what has stood out for us this year in terms of design trends. Here at Spectrum Exhibitions we will continue to push the boundaries of design and construction of exhibition and event stands and always focus on delivering for all our clients.

If you can spare another few minutes head here and read more on why you should choose us for your exhibition display stand.

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